Fitjar Islands

Selling Shaving Soaps Worldwide from an Island in Western Norway.

Exclusive and handmade shaving creams and soaps from a small island group on the west coast of Norway are delivered worldwide through the online store we have developed.

Integrated with the Point of Sale System

In addition to the online store, Fitjar Islands also has a physical store where they use the Point of Sale (POS) system PCKasse. Products, inventory, and orders are updated in real-time with PCK, ensuring that everything is up-to-date and well-organized.

The online store is fully integrated with the PCKasse POS system and is multilingual, supporting both NOK and EUR currencies.

Multilingual Online Store

Given that Fitjar Islands has many customers outside of Norway, the online store is available in both Norwegian and English. The English version also features different currencies and tax calculations for international orders.

portrett av jostein nyquist

Jostein Nyquist

Head of our E-commerce Manager Team

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