Maksimer is a certified Platinum WooExpert and can assist you with your WooCommerce project, no matter how complex it is. Over 40% of all world’s online stores are now powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce operates as an extension within the world’s largest publishing platform, WordPress.

B2B or B2C?

We have developed tailored solutions for wholesalers, importers, and others engaged in business-to-business (B2B) sales. WooCommerce also works well for business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.


Integrate WooCommerce with your business system for more efficient operations. Explore the integrations we offer.

What does it cost?

We have created a small and efficient pricing calculator to provide you with a quick cost estimate.

En WooExpert er et godkjent WooCommerce ekspertselskap.


Maksimer was the first approved WooCommerce environment in Norway and one of the few in Europe to achieve gold status. Our first WooCommerce online store was established in 2012, and we have been working with WordPress since 2009.

We deliver online stores designed for consumer sales (B2C) and those meant for business sales (B2B), all based on WooCommerce. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you desire customization/feature expansion.


We have developed integrations between various ERP, invoicing, accounting, logistics, and POS systems and WooCommerce.

More about WooCommerce

WooCommerce is easy to use for both store managers and end customers. It provides developers with simple options to customize functionality and design according to your needs. There is also a vast selection of pre-developed plugins that can expedite the process of achieving desired functionality.

Built on WordPress

WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing platform, powering 26% of the entire World Wide Web.

Open source

WooCommerce is open source, which means there are no direct licensing costs to use it. With the right expertise, you can download it, install it with WordPress on a server, and get started on your own. The GPL open-source license is applicable, imposing few restrictions on usage.

Use of Extensions

Thousands of extensions have been developed for WooCommerce. In the Norwegian context, we now see a good selection of extensions for the most commonly used and necessary functions:


Shipping costs can be calculated based on the weight and volume of items in the shopping cart.


  • Delivers packages before 7:00 AM to the recipient’s home, eliminating the need to pick up packages at the local store.
  • Operates Monday to Saturday throughout Norway, and on Sundays in Greater Oslo and Greater Bergen.
  • Tracks all packages right up to delivery to the customer.
  • Communicates with recipients along the way and confirms via SMS when the package is delivered/ready for pickup.

Delivery with Posten/Bring

  • Delivers to all Norwegian addresses.
  • Extensive network of post-in-stores.

Learn more about Bring’s services


  • Delivers throughout the Nordic region.
  • Option for home delivery.

Learn more about Postnord’s services


Shipping labels can be prepared from the online store admin for all carriers with whom you have an agreement.

One less source of error, as you don’t have to enter the information again.


Shipping labels can be prepared from the online store admin for all carriers with whom you have an agreement.

One less source of error, as you don’t have to enter the information again.

Can automatically print shipping labels.

illustrasjon av fraktbil som leverer varer hjem

In addition, you can configure shipping in several other ways:

  • Fixed shipping rate
  • Free shipping above a threshold value
  • Fixed shipping based on weight/volume and recipient’s address
  • Special shipping rates per item
  • Combinations of fixed shipping, special shipping per item, shipping calculation, and free shipping
  • Customized solutions


Sell Anything!

Physical products, digital products, vegetables, subscriptions, and bike workshop hours! In practice, you can sell anything!

Modular System


Fantastic for Content!

With WordPress as the engine, working with content is a dream. You can publish and cross-publish content, create functional landing pages with products, shopping carts, and checkout. Tag and categorize products, add attributes, and make it easy for users to find your products through search, filtering, and navigation. Only your creativity limits how you present content.


Coupon codes are an excellent way to run promotions. The possibilities with coupons are many:

  • Include a coupon code that gives the customer a benefit on their next purchase in the online store
  • Send coupon codes in newsletters to existing customers
  • Offer your followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat special coupon codes during campaigns
  • Seasonal codes. CHRISTMAS, EASTER, 17TH OF MAY
  • Abandoned cart. Did someone abandon their cart? Send them an email after some time and offer them a deal to complete the purchase
  • Referral codes. Provide a code that customers can give to their friends
  • New to the site? Offer a first-time code, such as free shipping
  • Coupon codes and retargeting
  • Are you using bloggers to write about your products? Offer the blog readers a coupon code

Search Engine Optimization in WooCommerce

There isn’t a simple 3-point list that gives you a magical recipe for search engine ranking. WordPress and WooCommerce offer, with the right setup and configuration, a good technical platform and framework for creating content that ranks in search engines. One of the tools we often use is Yoast, a plugin for search engine optimization in WordPress.

Order Management

Orders are managed based on order status. Order processing can be done manually, controlled by integrations with order systems, or EDI solutions. Changes in order status result in emails being sent to customers with information.

Email Communication with Customers

  • New order => E-mail to the customer
  • Order shipped => E-mail to the customer
  • Note on order => E-mail to the customer
  • Order canceled => E-mail to the customer

Setup of transactional emails is done in the admin panel.

Here’s an example of an order email for Finn Schjøll’s online store, which, of course, runs on WooCommerce :-). We have made some customizations there. In most of the projects we undertake, there is a need to customize these emails in some form.

No Limitations

There are no restrictions on the number of products, customers, or orders.

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Jostein Nyquist

Head of Our E-commerce Manager Team

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