manager for hire

Access to an experienced e-commerce manager without hiring one full-time.

Erfaren nettbutikksjef jobber for å bedre rutiner og gi høyere ROI.

The e-commerce expert is hired for long-term assignments and will work in-house for clients to ensure success in their own e-commerce initiatives.

The service “E-commerce manager for hire” is our offering to organizations that lack the capacity to hire their own personnel for the role of an online store manager. There can be various reasons why it’s challenging to have in-house personnel in such roles: expertise is hard to find, tasks become too narrow, the cost becomes too high relative to ROI with current turnover, etc.

Maksimer has built a strong team of e-commerce experts to assist you with your e-commerce website. The e-commerce expert works for clients, not just as a regular consultant. The goal is to ensure continuity, improve processes, and achieve a higher ROI for the clients they work for.

We receive positive feedback from our clients who currently use this service to varying extents and nature. A common factor is the significant benefits of having a contact person within Maksimer. For businesses, dealing with only one person who knows both the company and navigates efficiently within Maksimer ensures high progress and minimal administration for our clients. We also observe that an E-commerce manager from Maksimer becomes the reference point for e-commerce expertise and often assists with other third-party partners crucial for a successful e-commerce venture.

If you are curious about this service, and if your company feels the need for stronger expertise and more resources in e-commerce work, do not hesitate to contact us. We tailor a plan for your company, and together we find the form of collaboration to achieve the best results as soon as possible. This is a dynamic service, and our advisors are currently working with companies at various stages—some ahead of a project with us, others in the midst of a project, and especially after the online store is live. That’s when the real work begins. We also offer our services to companies that are not total clients of Maksimer.

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Jostein Nyquist

Head of our e-commerce manager team

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