Customer Service Integrated with WooCommerce


Save time with more efficient customer handling linked to data from your online store.

Illustrasjon som viser tilgjengelig funksjonalietet i Zendesk

Several of our clients use Zendesk integrated with WooCommerce to simplify and expedite customer handling. It allows for a quick overview of a customer’s history directly from the customer service center, enabling faster assistance with their challenges.

Zendesk is a market-leading customer service tool, offering a cloud-based system to centralize the management of all customer inquiries. The system addresses assignment queues, automated workflows, prioritization, and reporting in a straightforward and efficient manner.


Customer communication can originate from various channels: Email, SMS, Phone, Facebook, and other social media. Zendesk provides multichannel support, allowing you to collect and respond to all customer inquiries in one place.

Illustrasjon som viser chat
Illustrasjon som viser ordreinformasjon i chat

Easy Case Management

Zendesk features a very simple and effective user interface for managing incoming cases. You can easily respond to the customer directly or forward the case to someone else in your team with a comment.

Fetching order information from WooCommerce directly into the case view is also highly effective. If you use Zendesk’s chat solution, you can also easily assist customers with purchasing help from the same place.

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Jostein Nyquist

Head of our E-commerce Manager Team

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