For e-commerce and online stores. Increase sales in your online store with Google advertising.

Med annonsering på Google kan du effektivt nå ut med hvilke produkter og tjenester du tilbyr.

Google Advertising

With advertising on Google, you can bid on terms that people are searching for. You can effectively reach people looking for products and services you offer. With an online store, you can also create a catalog and generate engaging shopping ads dynamically from your website.

Need help with Google advertising?

Google Advertising is an effective measure to achieve rapid growth. We will always base our recommendations on the strong return on investment we anticipate from the ads.

We always recommend starting advertising campaigns with a smaller budget to test the return on ad spend (ROAS). As long as we see that you are making money from the ads, we scale up.

How we work:

  1. We review your online store and examine the services and products you offer. After this, we have a conversation with you about your goals and priorities.
  2. We propose a Google Ads advertising budget and the number of hours we believe are necessary to achieve your goals. This can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  3. We set up the product catalog and e-commerce data tracking.
  4. We research which keywords to bid on in Google. These keywords are typically high-volume search terms that you don’t already rank for.
  5. Next, we group the keywords and create a structure that maximizes the budget, sending over a detailed campaign plan for your approval.
  6. The campaign plan is implemented, and the ads are activated.
  7. Once the setup is complete, we regularly optimize the campaigns by adjusting keywords, bid adjustments, and reallocating the budget where we see the most significant impact. We also build new campaigns, ad groups, and ads.
  8. Every month, we provide results reports and offer advice for further actions.

Do you have untapped potential? Contact us, and we can help you increase sales in your online store with Google advertising.

Performance marketing manager i Maksimer, Mila Grcic

Mila Grcic

Head of our Growth Department

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