Social Media
for Online Stores

Increase revenue in your online store by engaging with users on social media.

Godt datagrunnlag kan målrette annonsering på sosiale medier

Paid Advertising

Do you want to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, but you’re not sure where to start?

Take a deep breath; we can help.

We have extensive experience setting up campaigns, finding the right target audiences, and creating ads that provide good returns over time.

Why advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

The popularity of Facebook and Instagram makes them platforms where we potentially can reach everyone in Norway. This provides unique opportunities to create compelling messages and inform about products and services that customers will need.

With a good data foundation, we can create ads targeted only at those for whom our products are relevant. This way, we avoid wasting money on advertising to anyone other than our potential customers.

How we work:

  1. Effective advertising on Facebook is about reaching the right target audience. Therefore, we must, together with you, create a good understanding of who might be interested in your products and what problems they are trying to solve.
  2. We ensure that targeting is accurate and implement advanced pixel tracking, creating a Facebook catalog for the products in your online store so that you can easily sell products via Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Then, we set up a campaign structure tailored to reach different target audiences in different modes. We have developed a model that describes how aware customers are, what problems they are trying to solve, and what message we should send to customers at the various stages of the customer journey. We usually start with a catalog campaign and a conversion campaign.
  4. With a good structure, we can create appealing ads. Our focus is on creating ads that stand out in a busy Facebook feed and deliver relevant messages to the intended audience.
  5. Once the campaign is underway, we optimize continuously and test how different angles, messages, and target audiences affect your return on investment.

Organic Social Media

Do you have a good relationship with your customers?

Are you using social media as intended?

We can help you set realistic goals and effective strategies to create a good and regular dialogue with your customers.

Why work with social media

Social media is a unique source of input for your business. Many use Facebook and Instagram as a one-way communication platform to inform passive recipients about information they find interesting.

We want you to flip that mindset.

Companies that excel in social media unlock unique potential. Not only do they increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and customer base, but they also have the opportunity to receive input on products, messages, and marketing simultaneously – without expensive and extensive user surveys.

How we work with social media:

  1. A good social media strategy uses the platforms for what they are good at. First, we need to uncover which platforms you should be on and why you should be present there.
  2. Then, we define who your audience is on the various platforms. This gives us an understanding of what content we should publish on the different platforms.
  3. Next, we create a plan for how to use the different platforms. What should the Instagram feed be like? What should be published on stories? How do we use Twitter?
  4. The next step is to uncover and describe the value for the customer. What do they gain by following you? Why should they like posts and comment?
  5. Finally, we create a publishing plan where we plan posts in advance and determine who is responsible for doing what.

Are you ready to get the most out of Facebook and Instagram? Contact us, and we can see how we can help you.

If your business type has a natural audience on Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch, or TikTok, we can also help you get the most out of those platforms.

Performance marketing manager i Maksimer, Mila Grcic

Mila Grcic

Head of our Growth Department

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