In the Spotlight: Jostein Nyquist


portrett av jostein nyquist

“In the Spotlight” is our blog’s newest series, where we get personal with our employees. Through quick interviews, we’ll share the stories and faces that power our company, giving you a peek into the lives of the people who make everything we do possible.

How would you describe your role within the team?

I wear several hats at Maksimer. Firstly, I am head of the E-commerce advisory team. As the E-commerce advisory team has grown, my role has become more administrative and sales driven. In addition, I have responsibility for sales in Maksimer and am an active part of the management team.

What is your area of specialty or focus?

To connect with people – building strong and long term relations with clients, partners and colleagues. I am also quite competitive – I like to see myself as a person who gets things done. Building up the E-commerce advisory team in Maksimer is one example that I am proud of.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

To be able to use my experience from previous jobs, projects, personal skills and education to actually be a valuable asset for both clients and colleagues – I love that I meet very interesting people from all sorts of industries and from companies of all sizes. 

How do you keep yourself updated in your field?

Through the other highly skilled E-com managers in my team. Even though I have a more administrative role, I still work closely with a variety of clients, advising them through their E-commerce journey. I also prioritize participation in professional events, both as an attendee and occasionally as a speaker.

What do you think is important for delivering excellent service/quality in your job?

To be proactive, transparent and engaged! Engaged is actually one of Maksimer’s four core values. 

How can clients or partners best get in touch with you for inquiries or collaborations?

Invite me for a run – I love to run! If that doesn’t sound interesting I also love to talk and you will find me on LinkedIn or email.