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Microsoft Business Central is a cloud-based business hub that enables companies to manage finance, sales, service, and inventory on an integrated platform.

For many businesses, e-commerce is a key factor in driving growth and increasing revenue, especially considering the growing trend of online shopping.

By integrating e-commerce with Microsoft Business Central, your business can access a powerful ecosystem of features and tools that make it easier to manage and operate an online store.

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With the right integration solution, you can connect your online store directly to Business Central, achieving a seamless and automated workflow.

Maksimer has developed an integration that allows you to connect various types of e-commerce solutions directly to Business Central.

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Benefits of Integrating E-commerce with Microsoft Business Central

By integrating e-commerce with Microsoft Business Central, your company can gain several advantages that help expand your online business.

  1. Automation: The integration of e-commerce and Business Central can automate many of the manual tasks associated with running an online store. This includes everything from orders and payments to inventory management and shipping.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrating e-commerce with Business Central can provide a seamless and consistent customer experience, making it easier to handle customer inquiries and requests.
  3. Better Insights: Integrating e-commerce with Business Central can offer improved insights into your business by consolidating all data in one place. This can assist leaders and employees in making better decisions and understanding how the business operates across channels.

How Maksimer Can Assist with Various E-commerce Platforms and Integrations towards Business Central

Maksimer provides integration solutions between online stores and Microsoft Business Central.

The following standardized integrations are available today:

  • Synchronization of customers between Business Central and the online store.
  • Transfer of products from Business Central to the online store.
  • Synchronization of inventory value between the systems.
  • Transfer of product groups from Business Central to the online store.
  • Synchronization of orders placed in the online store with Business Central.
  • Transfer of order history from Business Central to the online store.
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The integration can be customized according to specific needs in multiple ways. The order process is optimized for both you and the customer. In-store purchases are also made available on the customer’s account in the online store, providing both you and the customer with a complete overview of the transaction history.

Learn more about the integration solution here.

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