Is your online store ready for Black Friday?


November is not only known for darkness, rain, and the time to dig out winter clothes. It also includes the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday on November 24th. Before that time, it’s wise to assess your needs and plan the campaigns you want to run on your website.

Maksimer is ready to guide you on how to get the most visits and, more importantly, how to handle the increased traffic that the day traditionally generates.

In 2020, 51% of shoppers used the internet to find what they wanted on Black Friday. The potential is therefore significant to capture an even larger share of customers who still shop in physical stores.

Use landing pages

To achieve this, Maksimer’s Growth team offers assistance in planning marketing, creating landing pages, newsletters, and advertisements.

Mila Grcic, Performance Marketing Manager at Maksimer, is responsible for understanding what works for Maksimer’s customers and advises on smart planning. “Having a landing page is very important. Based on the site traffic, one can easily build remarketing lists. This makes it easy to push ads directly to the customer group that has viewed the products,” she says.

Performance Marketing Manager, Mila Grcic

Another significant advantage of landing pages is that you can build relationships that encourage customers to leave their email addresses in exchange for competitions or special offers.

“It’s useful for sending out newsletters. They have a very high conversion rate, especially for Black Friday. They often go up by 20-30%. It’s crucial to consider,” says Grcic.

Why should you use landing pages for Black Friday?

Provides full traceability and control

Mila Grcic explains that they can set up full tracking on the pages. This means they can see what customers have both looked at and clicked on. Based on this, they can create a fairly detailed overview of where a potential transaction may have stopped or how the user has behaved on the site.

“We build quite detailed reports with a summary of what has happened. Then we make recommendations on what needs to be fixed on the site and what we need to do for the next year to make it even better,” says Grcic.

Is your website ready for Black Friday?

Don’t forget this before Black Friday

If you follow Mila Grcic’s excellent tips and set up good campaigns and landing pages, you also need to consider whether your site is equipped to handle the increased traffic this may bring.

If you have prepared good campaigns that you want to see good results from, it’s disappointing if the website is slow. It diminishes the customer’s purchasing experience. Head of Operations at Maksimer, Richard Hilde, emphasizes the importance of being proactive and recommends contacting

Maksimer to conduct a stress test on your site well before this year’s Black Week and Black Friday.

“A stress test is a simulation of how your site will handle increased traffic. We use special software that gradually simulates how the server handles more and more visitors. Eventually, we increase the volume of ‘visitors’ until the website starts to slow down. When the website starts to slow down, we identify why it’s slowing down. Then we set up a plan to address the causes,” says Hilde.

Why is it important to stress test your site before Black Friday?

Expectations for uptime and response time are high.

Richard Hilde says that customers expect a simple and fast purchasing experience. It’s wise to have conducted a stress test beforehand.

“For example, if you have the best prices and a message that resonates on Black Friday, it can create unexpectedly high traffic on a site that is not scaled for it. The website will then slow down, and customers may become frustrated when the purchasing experience does not meet expectations,” says Hilde before concluding:

“The only way to find out a website’s breaking point is to stress test it.

What can happen if your site can’t handle the traffic on Black Friday?

Tips list for Black Friday

  • Stress-test your online store.
  • Create a landing page for the campaign.
  • Send newsletters to existing customers.
  • Be visible on and
  • Plan well in advance.

We assist with all of the above

Contact us today for campaign setup and execution, including stress-testing, landing page creation, and integration with price tools.

Performance marketing manager i Maksimer, Mila Grcic

Mila Grcic

Head of our growth department

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