Maksimer AS is the new majority owner of Mediebruket AS


The shareholders of Mediebruket AS have sold 51% of the company’s shares to Maksimer AS. The remaining 49% is owned by the five employees of Mediebruket.

– Joining forces closely with Maksimer in this way is a strategic move primarily aimed at expanding our range of services. Currently, we offer website development of all sizes. However, due to a lack of expertise in setting up and operating online stores, we have declined such projects in recent years,” says the CEO of Mediebruket, Arild Finne Nybø.

Portrett av Arild Finne Nybø, daglig leder i Mediebruket.
CEO Arild Finne Nybø of Mediebruket.

–  At the same time, the demand for the development and operation of online stores is rapidly increasing, and Maksimer specializes in exactly that. In addition, they have extensive experience in related services, such as digital marketing and search engine optimization. These are services that we at Mediebruket are now looking forward to offering our customers.

CEO of Maksimer AS, Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland, says:

– We have been very impressed with the expertise of the employees at Mediebruket and look forward to contributing to the development and further growth of the company. Significant synergies can be achieved in both technology and the market.

Portrett av Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland, daglig leder i Maksimer
CEO Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland of Maksimer.

The two companies were founded in the same year, in 2009. They have maintained contact over several years without formalizing collaboration until now, by bringing Maksimer in as an owner on the board and by having close cooperation in daily operations.

–  With this, Mediebruket can finally offer robust e-commerce solutions. Furthermore, we will have increased capacity as we can now access the resources of Maksimer. As for us employees, we eagerly anticipate becoming part of a larger professional community,” says Nybø.

Maksimer has 75 employees in the group, headquartered in Bergen, with branches in Bryne, Oslo, and Kristiansand, in addition to subsidiaries in Sweden and Serbia. Mediebruket has 5 employees, headquartered in Førde in Sunnfjord, and a branch office in Voss.

Facts – Maksimer Group Figures

Projection for 202320222021
Revenue80 000 00061 000 00046 000 000


Portrett av Arild Finne Nybø, daglig leder i Mediebruket.

Arild Finne Nybø

Tlf: 977 33 028

CEO, Mediebruket

Portrett av Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland, daglig leder i Maksimer

Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland

Tlf: 932 54 905

Chairman of the Board, Mediebruket / CEO, Maksimer