Norlux Increases Efficiency on Its Websites with E-commerce Expertise from Maksimer


Norlux, an innovative leading provider of complete lighting solutions in the Nordics, faced challenges in further developing its four websites.

Upon Maksimer’s recommendation, Norlux is now using their e-commerce expert service to get assistance in the ongoing development of both websites, e-commerce, and other core systems.

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Anders Heli Hansen, Marketing Officer at Norlux, expresses great satisfaction with the service and highlights its importance in driving the development of their websites forward.

– The collaboration with the E-commerce manager service has been crucial for effectively driving the development of our websites, he says.

Norlux has been a leading provider of lighting solutions in the Scandinavian market for over 25 years. They have both Norwegian and English versions of their sites. Additionally, Norlux operates the online stores and, offering lighting products for two different markets. targets the consumer market, while is for installers/electricians.

Thus, Norlux manages a total of four websites with the assistance of Maksimer.

– Almost Like a Colleague

In June 2022, Anders Heli Hansen was hired as the Marketing Officer at Norlux. His main responsibilities include marketing, technical system operations, and the continuous development of the websites. In his team, he is joined by Audun Strøm, who has extensive experience from the e-commerce giant Komplett Group.

With a small marketing department, it has been crucial for Norlux to collaborate with an external partner like Maksimer to develop and grow their e-commerce business.

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Anders Heli Hansen, Marketing Officer for Norlux

– “When we are such a small team, Jon Sköld (e-commerce manager from Maksimer) becomes part of the gang. He’s almost like a colleague. In my daily life, he is often the one we solve problems with. It’s Jon, Audun, and me who spar together on a daily basis,” says Heli Hansen.

The collaboration with Maksimer’s e-commerce manager service has been vital for Norlux, especially considering the relatively complex technical systems they need to maintain.

– The collaboration with Jon has been very good. We got the customer contact we needed and, most importantly, a real person with the right expertise to communicate with, he says.

jon sköld, e-commerce manager i Maksimer

Not Just E-commerce

He further explains how the e-commerce manager has helped them with more processes than just e-commerce.

– Jon got well acquainted with the project from the start and spent a lot of time getting to know us. He obviously has the right expertise to help us, not only with the website but also with our ERP system, Visma, which he has experience with from before. He has brought a lot of expertise that makes him quickly understand our needs.

Norlux has faced many challenges in the development of their websites, especially in adapting them to the different markets they operate in.

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– There have been several customizations needed due to the different characteristics of the websites, making it difficult to find good compromises, says Heli Hansen.

The e-commerce manager service has helped us focus on the most important functions and better tailor the online stores to different markets.

Predictable and Transparent

The solution with a dedicated e-commerce manager also means that Norlux now has much better cost control over the development and maintenance of its solutions.

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– There is much better predictability in the hours we use. It becomes simpler when everything is so transparent, says Anders Heli Hansen at Norlux.

– We report issues and features that we want to implement. Then we get estimates that we approve or reject. It provides better predictability in the hours we use. It becomes easier and more manageable when everything is transparent, and we can direct our questions directly to Jon, he says.

– Both Norlux and Ledpro want to strengthen their digital presence further, and collaboration with Maksimer will be crucial to adapting all websites to the various segments we work with. In the long run, we want to focus more on marketing and reduce resource usage on development.

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Jostein Nyquist

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