We have designed and developed a WordPress-based online store for Heymat, utilizing WooCommerce as the e-commerce solution

Heymat produces decorative design mats of the same high quality as industrial mats. These elegant, modern mats are made from recycled materials and created in collaboration with some of the country’s leading designers.

“We love Norwegian and Scandinavian design and are proud to collaborate with some of Norway’s foremost designers.”

Co-founder and CEO, Sonja Djønne.

Sonja founded Heymat with her husband Thoralf Lian in 2016 and launched their first collection in the same year. The couple’s goal was to introduce decorative mats of the same high quality as industrial mats to the domestic market. With a focus on functionality, the environment, and modern Norwegian design, Heymat aims to create spaces that are welcoming to come home to.

By combining Sonja’s passion for interior and design with Thoralf’s solid knowledge of mat production, Heymat has quickly gained a central position in both the industry and Norwegian homes. Today, the mats are sold in Europe, America, and Asia.

“Our vision is to create mats that are both functional, environmentally friendly, and visually pleasing. With their long lifespan and durable pile, we have always had a strong environmental profile.”

Heymat also aims to lead the way in a more environmentally conscious design industry. “In 2017, we replaced nylon with PET, a material with improved absorption capabilities made from 50% recycled plastic,” says Sonja. “Design can and should be sustainable.”

“In 2018, we launched Heymat+, a collection of mats made from 100% recycled plastic. Combined with timeless design, our mats are designed to last a long time, reducing the environmental impact.”

When Heymat wanted to build its online presence, they reached out to WooExpert Maksimer.

Maksimer’s expertise in e-commerce has helped Heymat navigate the digital marketplace efficiently, resulting in an increase in both brand awareness and sales.

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