Linda Johansen

Two-time Online Store of the Year, a rapidly growing online store

In collaboration with Team Linda, we have designed and developed an award-winning online store built on WooCommerce. In the Online Store of the Year 2020, Linda Johansen sells her own skincare products formulated and developed by her.

Maksimer’s collaboration with is largely based on mutual respect. Their ability to set demands while listening to our recommendations contributes to a sense of partnership, developing the online store in collaboration with them.

We have, among other things, created a solution where approximately 30,000 customers and customer data were migrated from Mystore to WooCommerce in a seamless manner. We have also developed subscription packages with different discount structures that change based on how often the customer receives deliveries, with more discounts for frequent deliveries. Additionally, we arranged it so that customers can customize the composition of their deliveries on their My Page.

Skincare Quiz

We developed the skincare quiz, where through a quiz-like format, users receive recommended products for their skin type. The path to purchase from there is exceptionally short.

In addition, we have a customer club that provides a different shopping experience for various customer groups. Especially, Premium members are well taken care of with exclusive offers, content, and benefits.

Online Store of the Year for Two Consecutive Years!

Every year, an independent jury selects the best Norwegian online stores. Linda Johansen won the Netthandelsprisen (Net Trade Award) in 2019 and impressed the jury once again in 2020 with her newly developed website. The jury highlighted “a good shopping experience, control over all processes, and a conscious approach to engaging and creating customer value in everything they do” as the basis when she received her second award.

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“Linda Johansen won the Net Trade Award last year and impressed the jury once again. With a very good shopping experience, firm control over all processes, and a conscious approach to engaging and creating customer value in everything they do, they were the right winner this year as well. They show development from last year in many areas, have a loyal customer base – many of them are more like fans, and they have profitable growth.”

– The Jury, Net Trade Awards 2020

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Customer-Centric Approach

The online store is tailored to respond to the customer’s needs as quickly, easily, and clearly as possible. Numerous small and large functional and visual adaptations ensure a good shopping experience and conversion rate. Here are some features that we believe could be inspiring:

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Create Your Makeup Palette

Find your makeup favorites and pop them into the palette. Eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, and highlight, all in one place. The palettes are reusable – change colors as often as you like.

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Linda Johansen offers special VIP packages to her customers, set up as subscription products that reward customers who purchase items with regular delivery. Customers can change the contents and manage the intervals for their subscriptions.

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Package Solutions

By developing a customized package solution for Linda’s products, you get a very efficient sales tool to increase order value by offering personalized accessory deals.

New Shipping Solutions uses Posten, Helt hjem, and Instabox for shipping. Instabox was launched in Norway in, and the concept is package delivery to storage lockers, the same day as the order.

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Jostein Nyquist

Head of Our E-commerce Manager Team

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