The Product Manager at Vipps explains the benefits of Vipps Checkout


Vipps Checkout is a payment solution that can handle the entire payment process on your online store. Vipps aims to simplify payments at every stage, even when shopping online. Soon, Vipps Checkout will also be available beyond the borders of Norway.

– The major advantage of Vipps Checkout is that it provides a complete payment solution for your online store. It is the easiest and best way to implement Vipps, offering you multiple payment options at the same time, says Jørgen Selfors, who works as a Product Manager at Vipps Checkout. 

Portrett av Product Manager i Vipps Checkout Jørgen Selfors
Jørgen Selfors works as a Product Manager at Vipps Checkout.

This information is provided by Jørgen Selfors, the product manager for Vipps Checkout at Vipps.

Vipps Checkout was launched in March 2022.

It’s important not to confuse the Checkout solution with Vipps på Nett, which has been in existence since 2017.

The difference between Vipps Checkout and Vipps on the Web

Vipps on the Web

Vipps on the Web is a separate payment type that can be an addition to other payment types, such as Klarna and Stripe, in your online store. In this case, you need to manage your own agreements with all the providers of the payment types you want to offer on your website. Customers can choose which payment type to use, but the payments will be handled by the respective provider of the chosen payment type.

Vipps Checkout

With Vipps Checkout, Vipps becomes your total payment provider on your website.

Vipps Checkout supports both Vipps and other payment types like card payments. This means that when implementing a payment solution on your online store, you only need to implement Vipps Checkout to support all the payment types you require. You don’t need to deal with multiple providers of payment types.

Just as simple in the online store as peer-to-peer payments

From the beginning, Vipps has been known for making peer-to-peer payments and bill payments easy. Now, they have also made online shopping even simpler.

Instead of asking the customer to manually fill in name, address, shipping, and payment card details, all it takes is using the thumb to complete a purchase in the online store with Vipps Checkout.

– With Vipps Checkout, the customer can identify themselves in the online store with Vipps from their phone. This way, the customer avoids filling in all the fields. Additionally, the customer can choose shipping and make the payment directly from their phone, says Selfors.

Skjermbilde fra vipps
Vipps Checkout is a complete payment solution from Vipps that you can use in your WooCommerce online store.

How the shipping solution in Vipps Checkout works

Vipps Checkout is integrated with the major shipping providers in the Nordic region.

– Vipps does not sell shipping or take over the customer journey for shipping, says Jørgen Selfors at Vipps.

He explains that they provide an option for stores to have the freedom to choose a shipping company. However, Vipps Checkout makes this visible at checkout.

– Our goal is to assist customers and stores with the best shopping experience.

The following shipping options are available:

  • Posten
  • PostNord
  • HeltHjem
  • Instabox
  • PorterBuddy

If you do not need login and the shipping part in Vipps Checkout, you can choose to exclude it.

Higher conversion rate with Vipps Checkout

Jørgen Selfors explains that the idea behind Vipps Checkout is an extension of the entire vision behind Vipps: simplification.

– We saw the need to offer Vipps in a context where Vipps has more control over how it is used. We wanted to provide simplification and make the customer journey as easy as possible when paying online, he says.

3D illustrasjon av graf og mynter

Vipps has an average of 2.9 million users per week and a total of 4.3 million Vipps users. With these figures, Vipps has unique insights into how the online customer journey can be optimized.

– Customers do not want to leave their card details everywhere. It is easier to use Vipps than anything else. And when it’s easier for the customer to pay, there is also a higher conversion rate in the online store, says Selfors.

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Dependent on partners like Maksimer

Vipps Checkout is offered as a plugin for online stores on WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

– We offer the solution as a plugin, says Selfors. He emphasizes that they rely on good partners to implement the solutions in online stores.

– We are good at payments but need partners like Maksimer to do the job of putting this into practice. We don’t know much about online stores. Therefore, we try to support and guide our partners with implementation.

Who is Vipps Checkout for?

Vipps designs Vipps Checkout as a shelf product that should be easy to implement in all online stores.

They also offer several new SDKs, an accessible API, and documentation on the solution, making it possible to support more than the mentioned platforms.

– The market determines where the solution can be offered, explains Selfors. He points out that they develop and maintain the plugin solution so that anyone can use it.

– We are in talks with several platforms, both open and closed platforms, he says.

– The systems adapt to the market and the demand for Vipps as a payment method. And we see that there is a “popular demand” to support Vipps at checkout in online stores, concludes Jørgen Selfors.

Fraktalternativer i vipps utsjekk. Skjermbilde.
Betalingsalternativer i vipps utsjekk. Skjermbilde.

With Vipps Checkout, you only need to deal with one payment provider for your online store.

Vipps Checkout is currently only available in Norway. However, after the merger between Vipps and MobilePay, it will also be available in the Nordic region by 2023.

Do you want to make it easy for 4.3 million Vipps users to shop in your online store? Contact us at Maksimer to get started now.

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