7 Fjell Bryggeri

The nightlife industry came to a halt. Microbrewery revenues plummeted. Inventory remained. Customers were thirsty. The solution was to get the beer to the customers.

Delivered to the door, with face masks, gloves, and age verification. The solution allows you to order your favorites, choose the day and time for delivery, and then just sit ready with your glass. And if you don’t have the right glasses, you can buy them too.

skjermbilde av forsiden til 7fjellshop.no
betal med vipps

Easy ordering – your favorites!

The shortest route to success, all products are presented on the homepage, listing the products in a clear and straightforward manner, with updated inventory status from Visma Business.

Vipps, and it’s done!

The simplest checkout with Vipps as the only payment method.

When strict COVID-19 measures were introduced in mid-March, we lost about 80% of our sales volume overnight. This became a golden opportunity to implement a simple e-commerce solution that we had long postponed.

– Jens Eikeset, CEO 7 Fjell Bryggeri

B2C and B2B

For 7 Fjell Bryggeri, we have also created a separate business-to-business online store, serving as a self-service solution for the brewery’s corporate customers.

Integration between Visma and WooCommerce

  • Order synchronization
  • Product synchronization
  • Customer synchronization
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Jostein Nyquist

Head of our E-commerce Manager Team

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