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Hillesvåg Wool Factory optimizes the customer experience with solutions from Maksimer.

Fabrikklokale til Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk
Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk i Alver kommune.

Located in the Alver municipality, just over half an hour north of Bergen, you’ll find Hillesvåg Wool Factory. It’s a family-owned business that has been producing wool products since 1898.

They sell wool and yarn both from the factory’s store and on their website, ull.no.

With the help of a modern online store, including a state-of-the-art WooCommerce platform and an integration solution from Maksimer, they have experienced solid growth in revenue year after year.

To manage their financial growth, they use the award-winning and user-friendly system from Uni Micro, Uni Økonomi V3.

Combined with the modern online store on the WooCommerce platform and an integration solution from Maksimer, they ensure seamless communication between the financial system and the online store.

How the integration solution works:

Susanne Kvamme at Hillesvåg Wool Factory explains how their integration solution works.

– When the customer places and pays for the order in the online store, it is automatically created in Uni. We then find the order in the overview where all orders are located. Additionally, the online store sends an email alerting us that a new order has been received,” she explains.

The online store is updated with products, descriptions, and discounts directly from Uni Økonomi. The integration created by Maksimer between the online store and Uni Økonomi V3 ensures that changes in Uni are also updated in the online store.

– This way, customers shopping online can be confident that they are getting the correct prices when placing an order,” Kvamme says.

Orders received are processed in Uni like any other orders.

– We pack the goods, scan the picking list, and send a message to the EDI system indicating that the order is ready for shipment,” she says. Customers then receive a notification that the order is being shipped.

Portrett av Susanne Kvamme foran en vegg med garn fra Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk

Susanne Kvamme at Hillesvåg Wool Factory notes increased sales in the online store with modern payment solutions.

– Since orders are paid online, the open items in the financial system are closed when the order is invoiced in Uni. This way, we are always up to date with customer accounts in the accounting system.

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Increased sales with Vipps

After Ull.no added support for Klarna and especially Vipps, they noticed increased conversion in the online store.

 – It became much easier for customers to check out when we can offer these methods,” says Susanne Kvamme.

Previously, only invoice, card, and PayPal were offered.

– The need for collection and reminders was greater before. There is much less work with payment follow-up now than before when we can offer these payment methods. Especially, we find that customers appreciate the Vipps integration.

Hillesvåg Wool Factory still offers invoice as a payment option for business customers.

– Regardless of the payment method, orders enter Uni correctly, so they are automatically processed based on the chosen method,” she says.

Chose WooCommerce from Maksimer for more possibilities

Hillesvåg Wool Factory has had a long and close collaboration with Maksimer. First and foremost, they chose the WooCommerce platform to have more possibilities with their online store.

– We wanted more possibilities compared to our previous online store,” says Susanne Kvamme.

Susanne Kvamme står fremfor en maskin som karder garnet.
Susanne Kvamme stands in front of a machine carding the yarn.

She mentions that it’s a significant advantage that Maksimer has in-depth knowledge of financial systems, in this case, Uni Økonomi V3.

– It just keeps getting better. It’s very clear that Maksimer has good knowledge of both the ERP solution and WooCommerce and understands how everything fits together,” she says.

– When internal capacity and knowledge are not enough, it’s nice to get help from Maksimer.

5 tips on how to get started with integration solutions

Focus on the customer experience

To achieve success in e-commerce, Susanne Kvamme is clear about what the focus should be:

– Focus on the customer. What is best for the customer. If you prioritize the customer, it is natural to optimize the systems for the customer to have the best experience. Our bonus is that it becomes less resource-intensive to process orders when most things are automated,” she says.

bilde av garn i nettbutikken ull.no
bilde av blått, kardet ull fra ull.no

She has a final tip for others who want to take e-commerce to the next level.

– Work closely with the supplier. Get as much flow between the systems as possible. Focus on the customer. If the customer finds the website and checkout difficult, they drop out of the transaction. Therefore, it is essential to use the right expertise in all areas to make it the best possible, says Kvamme.

– And that’s what we do together with Maksimer.

Good to know about WooCommerce and ull.no

  • Did you know that with WooCommerce, customers can receive a friendly email reminding them that they have items in the shopping cart if they haven’t had a chance to check out? This way, you can secure sales that might otherwise be forgotten.
  • Hillesvåg Wool Factory offers downloadable products in the form of knitting patterns. Occasionally, you can secure good and exciting patterns for free, making it easy to use up the leftover yarn you have.
  • The customer discount matrix is ​​entered into Uni Økonomi V3. When customers log into the online store, they automatically get their own negotiated prices.
  • Hillesvåg Wool Factory sells yarn and wool to both individuals and businesses from the online store. Typical business customers include yarn stores and small manufacturers.
  • Hillesvåg Wool Factory uses several services from Maksimer in addition to the online store and integration solution. Analysis, marketing, design, and user-friendliness are also services that Maksimer provides to Hillesvåg Wool Factory through its Growth service.
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