Conversion Optimization

Drive growth in your online store by making it easy to convert.

Konverteringsoptimalisering (CRO) handler om å maksimere omsetningen du kan få fra din kundegruppe.

Conversion Optimization (CRO) is about optimizing the website to maximize the revenue you can obtain from your customer base.

The goal is to increase the percentage of users who take a desired action and complete one of the goals you have set for your business. For most online stores, this will be the sale of products.

This percentage (conversions/users) is called the conversion rate, and that’s where the term conversion optimization comes from.

Optimizing a website is never as simple as running a couple of A/B tests, moving around some elements, and then seeing what happens.

Such measures may (or may not) yield some easy wins, but for long-term success, you need a more structured approach based on data analysis and a deep understanding of your customer base.

Is conversion optimization right for your online store?

Almost certainly yes.

Even if you may not necessarily be able to take full advantage of A/B testing (you need a high traffic volume before you can run tests that are statistically significant), all online stores can and should conduct heuristic evaluations and customer surveys.

All online stores should implement best practices and monitor the conversion funnel’s dropout rate.

In parallel, they should, of course, work on increasing traffic through search engine optimization and organic growth and paid advertising on Google or Facebook.

How we work:

The most important thing to know about the process is that it is continuous work. Each online store is unique, with different audiences. That’s why a structured approach will always be more effective than throwing many solutions at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Our method is broken down into two phases: research and continuous optimization.

Conversion Research

Conversion research can be compared to the map and GPS you use when driving in an unfamiliar city. With these tools, you increase your chances of finding your way dramatically, even though there is still a chance of getting lost.

From us, you can expect to receive a conversion plan. This plan includes a prioritized list of conversion challenges for your online store and our suggestions to address them.

Continuous Optimization

In this phase, we start with the conversion plan we developed in the research phase. The task now is to optimize each of the challenges identified earlier. The goal is many small victories rather than a few big ones. This is where A/B testing and personalized experiments take place, each with the aim of making the path to conversion as straightforward as possible for the user.

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