E-mail marketing

If your customers are businesses, your needs are often different than if your customers are consumers. Business customers make larger purchases, transactions typically span over several days, and precision requirements are high.


We work long-term, strategically, and purposefully to increase sales through emails.


We have helped several clients generate revenue in their online stores through email marketing.


We create content plans and set up newsletters via email, push, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.


We automate the email flow to recover abandoned carts, welcome new customers, and activate inactive customers.

Increase revenue in your online store by adding value to your emails.

  • What do you do with users who add items to their cart but leave before checking out?
  • Do you regularly provide value to your customers?
  • We can help you increase your revenue through email marketing.


Good newsletters add value to the recipient. These are emails you want to open in a jungle of spam.

With such an approach, you can increase your open rate, click-through rate, and ultimately your revenue from email marketing.

How we work

We can help with everything from strategy to content planning, production, setup, and sending of emails. Our team has experience with various email programs like Mailchimp, Omnisend, Createsend, and MailerLite. We prefer using Omnisend.

  1. The first question we ask when starting with email marketing is why. Why should you use emails, and what do you want to achieve?
  2. Next, we identify who the recipients of the emails are. Do we need more segments with different messages? It’s also crucial to describe the value for the recipient. Why should they open the email? Why should they click and engage? In short, what’s in it for them?
  3. We then describe how the newsletters should be formatted. What structure should the newsletters have? What content should we send? Which call-to-action buttons are important? How do we measure the effectiveness, and how often should the newsletters be sent?
  4. With a plan in place, we create a publishing schedule for the newsletters and put it in a calendar.
  5. We can then structure the account, define segments, design campaigns, and send out newsletters.


Should you automate your emails?

Absolutely, yes.

Automating abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, reminders, and more are effective ways to increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty by providing value to your customers.

With a structured approach, these are simple and effective measures to boost sales in your online store.

When it comes to email automation, we recommend using Mailchimp, Omnisend, or Metorik.

How we work

  1. First, we need to know which automation flows to set up. We typically set up three: new members on the newsletter list, inactive users (such as abandoned carts), and new customers.
  2. For each flow, we then create a description of each step in the flow. These steps outline who the email is for, the customer’s awareness level, when the email should be sent, the goal of the email, the content of the email, and the conversion triggers for that email. As an example, an abandoned cart flow might include three emails: a reminder about the abandoned cart, an email addressing objections, and a triggered email with a discount.
  3. Once we’ve described how the different emails should be, we draft the content for the emails.
  4. After the content has been quality-checked and approved, we set up the flow and automation.

Are you ready to increase your revenue through email marketing? Contact us, and let’s explore how we can assist you.

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