Are you looking for a seamless and automated online store? Our integration connects WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms with Financials and Logistics.

This provides you with an efficient, automated, and user-friendly platform for your e-commerce, without the complexities often associated with older systems. Read more about the solution here or contact us.

Our two-way integration with Visma synchronizes the following:

Integrer med din nettbutikk og synkroniser lager, produkter, rabattmatriser, kunder og ordre

Maksimer develops integrated online stores. We often distinguish between B2B and B2C online stores. We have developed various integrations with point-of-sale and accounting systems, and we are likely one of Norway’s strongest experts in integrated e-commerce solutions. You can learn more about our integration here.

Transfer customers from to the online store

Our integration between and online stores allows for a direct transfer of customer data. This function automates the synchronization of essential customer information, such as contact data and purchase history, enabling customer pricing directly from By eliminating manual data operations, the risk of errors is reduced, ensuring that the online store always has updated customer information.

Transfer products from to the online store

The integration gives ERP users the ability to choose and control which products are displayed in the online store at any given time. This includes selecting specific products or product groups from to be available for customers. The integration also supports the use of product groups to organize and navigate the product offerings in the online store, making it easier to maintain product lists. Automatic updating of product information, such as attributes, prices, and stock status from to the online store, helps keep product displays updated and accurate.

Transfer inventory value from to the online store

You can choose whether you only want values from a specific warehouse or the sum of multiple warehouses. It is also possible to configure what should constitute available inventory in the online store (in stock, in order, in purchase, reserved, etc.).

Transfer orders from the online store to

Customers can be created in
Orders can be created with fixed customer numbers.
Configuration of custom fields can be done upon request.

Transfer order history from to the online store

This allows customers to easily make repeat purchases.

Transfer discount matrices

The cherry on top. Let your customers see their own net prices when they log in to the online store. The transfer of discount matrices from to the online store is a function that plays a crucial role, especially for customer clubs and B2B online stores. This integration allows the application of customized discount structures directly in the online store, based on the discounts defined in This enhances the value of membership and encourages loyalty and repeat purchases. In a B2B context, this function allows businesses to offer tailored prices to different business customers, reflecting agreements and volume discounts negotiated in This contributes to a more personalized and efficient trading experience for B2B customers, who can see their special prices directly in the online store, simplifying the process of managing and applying complex price structures.

Project module

Projects from are transferred to the online store to easily connect to order registration for end customers in the online store.

Which online store platforms are supported?

As of now, we support integration between and the following online store platforms:

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