Agva Kraft

The Power Industry’s Leading Challenger in the Residential Electricity Sales Market, Offering Competitive Prices

“We had a good experience collaborating with Maksimer before, and we quickly noticed that they understood the task well and had good execution capabilities. We now have one of the most efficient conversion engines in the Norwegian electricity market.”

– Bjørn Arctander, Marketing Director at Agva Kraft.

Simple and Fast for the Consumer

Maksimer has been working with the electricity provider Agva Kraft since its establishment in early 2015. Initially, the mission was to create a conversion engine for electricity customers with a simple and sleek design. Through a combination of different features, users can switch electricity provider on in 30 seconds, a process they have chosen to highlight clearly on their YouTube channel.

Quick and Frequent Changes

Agva Kraft operates in a highly competitive market, requiring constant adjustments. They prominently feature on various electricity price calculators, including the official overview by the Consumer Council and private calculators like Elskling. This market is closely monitored by individuals, the press, and authorities, making it crucial for the website to be accurate at all times.

“The emergence of electricity price calculators on the internet has led to increased complexity for updating information and continuous product development. For us, it is crucial that Maksimer is quick to respond as soon as we need a change or correction.”

– Bjørn Arctander, Marketing Director at Agva Kraft.


Due to intense competition in the market, the effectiveness of sales channels varies. Maksimer has assisted Agva Kraft in measuring effectiveness through A/B testing, heatmaps, and ongoing analyses.

“Nils-Fredrik is exceptional at identifying patterns from seemingly incomprehensible data. This is important for us.”

A Broad Set of Services

In addition to various sales channels, Agva Kraft uses social media as a support and customer service channel. Agva Kraft on Facebook supports other pages, similar to Twitter and other channels. The electricity provider is conscious that it’s not necessary to be on every channel and that the use of social media must be chosen carefully. Measurement of this entire sales structure has been facilitated.

Agva Bedrift

Agva Kraft is primarily a supplier to the Norwegian residential electricity market. However, they have also entered the SMB market, and Maksimer has developed the Agva Bedrift ordering page based on the design of their main pages.

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