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  • An Efficient Package Solution: From Mamut to E-commerce Solution

    An Efficient Package Solution: From Mamut to E-commerce Solution

    Ta mammuten med inn i fremtiden med en moderne ERP- og netthandel løsning

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  • Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

    Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

    Kunne du tenke deg å kontakte alle som ikke har bestilt noe de siste 6 måneder? Kunder som har sett på et produkt i 3 uker uten å kjøpe det, kanskje med en unik rabattkode? Eller noe enklere som e-post til alle kunder som har forlatt handlekurven sin uten å fullføre?

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  • Customer Service Integrated with WooCommerce

    Customer Service Integrated with WooCommerce

    Spar tid med en mer effektiv kundebehandling koblet mot data fra din nettbutikk.

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  • Experiences with Migrating from Magento to WooCommerce

    Are you using Magento for your online store? Then you should read the rest of this article. The phasing out of Magento version 1.9 has raised many questions from potential customers. Often, these questions are characterized by concerns about what changes mean for them and their online store, and what it takes to migrate from…

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  • What is a PIM System?

    Product information can make the difference between a customer buying your product or not. Therefore, it’s essential to invest time and resources in creating high-quality product information when presenting your products online. Product experience is the most crucial factor in creating a positive customer experience on your website, as shown by several studies. Studies also…

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  • Integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Litium

    Maksimer delivers e-commerce solutions on both WooCommerce and Litium platforms. Additionally, Maksimer provides ready-made and standardized integration solutions that facilitate seamless data exchange between the most popular business systems and e-commerce platforms. The latest addition from the integration team is an integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Litium. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central…

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  • Integration of e-commerce with Microsoft Business Central

    Maksimer develops solutions that help businesses automate and streamline business processes, allowing you to spend less time on manual work and more time on growing and expanding your business. Get started with your integration. Microsoft Business Central is a cloud-based business hub that enables companies to manage finance, sales, service, and inventory on an integrated…

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  • 5 Tips for Success: How to Achieve the Best Integration Between Your ERP System and Online Store

    If you’re engaged in both physical and online commerce, a robust ERP system is essential for managing your finances. Additionally, you naturally need a solid e-commerce solution tailored to your needs. Beyond this, having an integration that tightly links these two systems is a significant advantage, reducing the need for manual tasks and tedious routines.…

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  • Effortlessly Migrate from Multicase to WooCommerce

    Are you ready to elevate your online store? Discover how migrating from Multicase to WooCommerce can provide you with greater flexibility, more functionality, and an enhanced customer experience. When running an online store, it’s crucial to choose a platform that allows for growth and adapts to changing market conditions. Multicase has been a reliable solution…

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