B2B Online Store

If your customers are businesses, their needs are often different from those of consumer customers. Business customers make larger purchases, transactions may span several days, and precision requirements are high.

Increased Sales

Product information, videos, images, documentation, related products, reviews, accessories, what others have also purchased, purchase lists, discount systems, coupon codes, shipping mechanisms, campaigns, etc.

There are many mechanisms to increase sales in a B2B online store, and we have experience with most of them.

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Let your customers, at their convenience, register orders themselves.

Provide customers access to order history so they can easily reorder the same items. Give them access to invoice history, outstanding receivables, order status, tracking numbers with carriers like Bring, etc.

Your employees should spend their time adding value to the customer, not on manual order processing operations.

Give customers the opportunity to love your solutions over your competitors’. That’s what self-service is all about.

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The era of manual operations is over. Self-service and integration are central factors for automation.

Automation is about eliminating as many human involvements in a process as possible.

Let’s examine your processes together and see how much time and money you can save by considering automation.

Lager, produktdata, rabattmatriser, kunder og ordre kan automatiseres i nettbutikken. Illustrasjon.
Integrering mellom ulike systemer. Illustrasjon


Once the customer has registered an order in your online store, it should be transferred to the order system.

If inventory changes in the inventory system, the online store should be updated.

And when an order is shipped, it should be traceable in the online store through carriers like Bring, for example. All relevant endpoints should be integrated: orders, products, inventory, customers, projects, invoices, etc.

Experienced Provider

Over the years, we have delivered a number of highly successful B2B online stores. Solutions that have significantly reduced our customers’ costs, increased sales, and allowed businesses to spend their time on activities that add value to customers—not just being an order receiver.

Some of the systems we provide integrations for:

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Head of our E-commerce Manager Team

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